02 June 2008
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Bo Is Not Short For Beauregard

I didn't think it was, but when I had the opportunity to put Bo Diddley to the question, I did just that.  I know I should remember the precise answer that he gave, but it was about 35 years ago and so I don't, beyond the "not Beauregard" part of it.  It hardly matters I understand that he used to tell different versions all the time.  Good for him!

Bo Diddley being interviewed by Dave Marash, ca. 1973.

I took this picture while he was at a recording studio.  He was being interviewed by one of the NYC local teevee news people.  I think his name is Dave Marash.

I was never an especially big fan of the man, but it would be hard to find anything more infectious than the "Bo Diddley Beat."  Rock and roll lost a giant today.

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