13 March 2006
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Do You Like Bread?

Neither a rhetorical question nor a colloquialism, that is a real Q that you should ask yourself.  If you are like the majority of U.S. citizens, you are anywhere from somewhat overweight to, well, somewhat more than overweight.  If you like bread, "never mind."  But if you don't, or if you're simply indifferent as am I, here is a valuable diet hint:

Make your sandwiches without bread.  Not only will give this you a frisson as you violate the hoary definition of "sandwich", it will save you 25 calories per slice.  If you think this isn't terribly significant, consider that, ceteris paribus, if you normally eat a sandwich on alternate days, you will lose about three pounds a year.  If you are an average-size person and start this regime in your teens, you will completely disappear before you're old enough to stop worrying about your weight.

Pretty good diet hint, eh?  If you're thinking "how do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without bread," you are clearly lacking in ingenuity.

Richard Factor