20 March 2006
SETI League
PriUPS Project


When Cats Learn to Grout

There is no doubt in my alleged mind that some science person out there is right this instant devoting his life to making pigs fly.  You tell someone it's impossible and they make it happen. You!  Mr. (or Ms.) Science Person!  STOP IT!  You are wasting your time and genius on this frivolous pursuit.  I have a job for you.

There is no reason for a pig to fly.  There is every reason for a cat to grout.  With snow shoveling season (hopefully) past, it is time to repair the depredations of shovel and storm on the flagstones in the entryway.  I could do this, but, inter alia, I'm lazy and don't know how.  I could hire someone to do it, but most likely he'd be lazy, not know how, not show up, and want to get paid.  It seems to me that one could design a grouting cat.  The physical design is already perfect, and compared to a contractor, the cat is much more likely to show up and would work more cheaply.

How about it, Ms. (or Mr.) Science Person?  A Nobel prize awaits.

Richard Factor