04 March 2010
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 Banksy Versus Robbo

Banksy (not his real name) is a "street artist."  Robbo (not his real name) is a "graffiti artist."  An article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal explained the distinction:  Essentially, graffiti artists are more likely to get caught.  Banksy defaced, if that's the word, one of Robbo's creations.  Robbo retaliated, an activity involving a raft, wet suit, and spray paint.  Banksy, as shown in the quotation to the right, was nonplussed. WSJ 03 March 2010, excerpt from "Game of Tag for Graffiti Elite":  "I thought that having a casual attitude towards property ownership was an essential part of being a vandal."

Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder*, on the very next page, was quoted in a book review by Andrew Stark.  I can see why he's a former governor:  too honest.

I wonder how a semicolon got into that quotation.  For that matter, I wonder how much time I would save if I never wondered about semicolons.

WSJ 03 March 2010, Doug Wilder quotation: "I'm not the kind of politician who says one thing to one audience and a different thing to a different audience; I say the same thing to all audiences and let them fight about what I meant."

*According to Wikipedia his real name is Lawrence Douglas Wilder, but I'm not inclined to quibble over this minor obfuscation.

"I Must Be Mad"
The Craig

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The Aloha Theater, Kainaliu, Hawaii.

No, no I've never been there.  Most likely you haven't, either. 

It (the shirt) is mostly blue.

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