25 May 2006
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Sweat the Big Stuff?

If you don't "sweat the small stuff," do you "sweat the big stuff?"  And why am I writing about bodily fluids?  I'm not, really; this is metaphorical sweat, although it could be reified if you find yourself dealing with a selection of small rocks and big boulders while performing your "community service" on a chain gang. 

Without further exudation, metaphorical or otherwise, I'd like to criticize English for failing to provide an authorized antonym for "minutia" or, as it is often spelled, "minutiae."  Minutia, of course, are the "small stuff" one shouldn't sweat.  Unsurprisingly, I have an antonym to propose:


Pronounced "mac-ROO-sha."  Macro = very large. 

It sounds right.  At least it does to me after practicing it for a while.  So the next time you find yourself worrying about your overdue report and how it will affect your professional career, rather than whether to italicize your neologisms, you are sweating the macrutia.

There is a tasteful red squiggle, courtesy of Microsoft, under each instance of in this blogitem as I edit it.  I'll be remonstrating with them shortly.

Richard Factor