23 May 2009
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Two RIKL Events

My First Corvette

Silver Chevrolet Coupe, 1963, 327 fuel-injected engine, 375 HP Chevy 327 engine, 375HP, with fuel injection that never worked right and occasioned innumerable trips to bad repair shops and incompetent diagnosticians.  Even so, I was young then, and willing to cope with inconvenience.  It was only when the cost of repairs and garaging began to seriously consume my minuscule income that I reluctantly sold it.

This was dubbed "RIKL's Toad."  I think at least one reader will remember that.

My Last Corvette?

1990 Corvette ZR1, Quasar Blue This is the ZR1 that I bought in 1990.  There were intermediate Corvettes, too, including the 1983/1984 "Death Car" that, despite its moniker, caused no injury to me or, so far as I know, to any subsequent owners.  Unlike the first Corvette, the cost of repairs to this model have been nil for many years.  The tragic reason is that I almost never drive it any more.  I am no longer youngthis car is almost 20 years old, my age when I bought the first one! 

I mention this now because, as you can see from my "Special Advertising Section" below, the eBay auction ends today.  Since there are several bids, someone other than myself will end up owning it after the auction.  I'm writing this before the end of the auction, but will publish it somewhat later, so you will be in less suspense when you read it than I am now, waiting for the final "sniping" bid(s) if any.  (Realistically, neither of us is in much suspense.  I don't expect the bidding to go much higher, and I would be deluding myself if I actually believed this is of much interest to anyone other than me.) 

It's of interest to me for the obvious reason:  It's potentially the end of my sports car life.  As much fun as it is to drive fast and demolish curves or whatever the proper metaphor is, one can hardly do that any more in increasingly crowded Northern New Jersey.  And, oddly, I find that I rarely want to.  When I do take the 'Vette out for exercise, I drive it the same way I drive the Prius.  No brakes, no acceleration, adhere to speed limit.  What's the point?  In fact, I'm thankful that I can still get in and out of the car, a tight fit for someone my height, without a theatrical grunt or an actual spasm of pain.  ("Give it time," I hear you saying.)  So, with this Corvette, by far the prettiest and fastest and most fun vehicle I have ever owned passing to a new custodian, these words and maybe an audible sigh or two will be all that remain.

What about the future?  As I mentioned in the Corvette write-up, I don't promise not to get another one.  There's a new version of the "ZR1" even more deadly than mine.  But, with this  sold, I'm down to a reasonable fleet size, and can allow myself to actually contemplate getting a fun car.  The Prius plug-in version looms, there are all-electric cars on the horizon, and the notorious problems of GM all conspire to say "Give it a rest."  So mote it be.


Waxing nostalgic about Corvettes has taken up the time I had planned to spend discussing eBay today.  The ending of the Corvette auction on this day was fortuitous; the eBay event I have known about for a long time.  Ten years, to be precise, since I signed up as a member exactly that long ago, and today is therefore my 10th anniversary as a user.  The term "user" was going to be part of my discussion, but if I get started now, I may not be able to stop.  (See what I mean?)

Crossing of the Biological Components - Follow-Up

Yesterday I mentioned:

Even as I write this my friend and colleague Paul is being disassembled and modified in a premeditated act of Medicine.  It's serious, but, in these days, routine.  My various digits, limbs, and pseudopodia are Xed in a superstitious yet somehow satisfying act of well-wishing.  If you know or don't know Paul, feel free to well-wish in your own fashion.

Modification complete, everything worked as it should.  Of course he is very uncomfortable at this point, but you and I can un-X and resume our activities.

1990 Corvette ZR1 - FOR SALE

Special Advertising Section

Please buy this lovely blue Corvette ZR1

Now, with Collector's Kit

Currently on eBay, with 4 bids, now at $15,600 -
Auction ends today

Corvette ZR1 1990 Quasar Blue FOR SALE

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Local public radio station WFMU gives you a shirt when you "join."  I joined long ago even though I rarely listen nowadays.  They're too eclectic even for me! 

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