26 May 2012
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A Spider As Big As A Really Big Spider

Who remembers Buicks, anyway?

This spider was in the house.  I think he stowed away on Mr. Jade when the plant was brought in to avoid the heat, but have no way of knowing for sure.  It resembles the Google Images portrayal of a "Huntsman spider," characterized as non-toxic and not aggressive.  The size, about 2.5 inches from end to end, also seems to correlate with the description.

I think it's a Huntsman spider.  It's about 2-3 inches from end to end.

For once, the plastic inverted bowl in the microwave, normally used to prevent food explosions, found a higher use.  I placed the bowl over the spider, a piece of cardboard under, and gently escorted him to an area with more prey and fewer feet.

Now that he's safely outside, I'll entertain more dire theories about his possibly venomous character if any of you nature folk have a more nuanced notion of his brand or capabilities.

"Midnight Cruiser"
Capability Brown




Here's an oldie but a silly.  Pictures of Barbara Bush and Raissa Gorbachev.  The other side is labeled "The Kitchen Summit."  No idea where I got it, although it kind of dates itself.

The "Kitchen Summit" T-shirt with Barbara Bush and Raissa Gorbachev
Richard Factor

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