31 May 2012
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Yankee Humor

But First:

Socket wrench/screwdriver kit with plastic cover This is small tool kit I recently got.  It has a modest assortment of socket wrenches of both the metric and English persuasion, and also a couple of screwdriver blades.

For store display purposes, it had, as you can see in the picture, a plastic cover.

The plastic cover is held on with a screw. Here's a close-up of the plastic cover.  It is held on the tool kit with a screw, which can easily be removed once the screwdriver is removed from under the plastic cover.

And now:

Sedona Dog Park sign This is the sign that welcomes one to the Sedona (AZ) Dog Park.  The park is divided into two areas, one for larger and younger dogs, and one for smaller and/or older dogs.

This is the area for larger and younger dogs.

Fenway Park sign (Sedona Dog Park) This is the area for smaller and older dogs.

Sedona, of course, is in Arizona, far from New York City and Boston.  But people from the East move to Sedona all the time.  It would be my guess that the dog park "naming rights" devolved on a New Yorker.


"Kyrie Eleison"
The Electric Prunes




Hey!  Remember when NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, used to have a space shuttle?  This T-shirt is from that era.

NASA Space Shuttle T-shirt
Richard Factor

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