25 Oct. 2008
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Heather Had A Web Site

It looked like this:
Shrunken excerpt of Heather Wood's soon-to-be-ex web site
But It was on AOL
AOL "Homtown" is closing its "doors"
Which is closing its "doors."  That's OK.  We all know that it doesn't actually have doors. 
Did you know that "experiences" have "doors" ?
We also know that it's a web hosting site, not an "experience."  But big corporations get a quantity discount on poetic licenses.  They even call both material objects and evanescent intellectual property "solutions."
Heather asked me if I would host her site.  You wouldn't guess it from reading my blog, but I can be a person of few words, or in this case, word.  My complete answer was "sure."
Here it is.

Special Advertising Section
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(The Mitsubishi has been sold, and the buyer (from South Dakota!) has it safely home.)

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