09 Sept. 2009
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An Open Letter to Roger Federer

Whom I just had the pleasure of watching defeat Robin Soderling in the U.S. Open Tennis Finals

Dear Mr. Federer:

Ever since I became interested in tennis a couple of years ago I have "rooted" for you.  Except for a couple of heartbreakers with Nadal you have never disappointed me, and after the tense finish of last night's match with Soderling I'm looking forward to watching you win the U.S. Open in a few days.

You might wonder why a United States denizen doesn't root for one of his co-nationals.  Four reasons:

  • Because of your domination of the game, I hardly realized until I got more into it that there even were any Americans other than, of course, the Williams sisters.  I simply assumed there wasn't any point for them in the fight.

  • Because you are Swiss, you have the ability to, at almost any time, walk to a random street corner and get some really yummy chocolate.  To do that here requires an expedition.  In other words, jealousy.

  • It's easy and rewarding.  Since you almost always win, I feel that my rooting doesn't go to waste.

  • Finally, we share our initials, R.F. which, even if I weren't interested in tennis, would make it easy to remember you.

The last brings me to my point, and to a request.  I have never seen a middle initial nestled in your logo.  I, too, don't routinely use my middle name, although I do have one, and it begins with "C."  I'm wondering and even hoping that you might be a "Roger C. Federer" although I realize the odds aren't good.  I tried to find your middle name on the internet and failed, which leads me to believe that you have none.  If that is the case, and if you're feeling expansive, I'm hoping you can adopt one.  I'll leave the name itself up to you, although of course I hope it would begin with "C."  If you do this, I promise I shall root even more avidly when I see you play.

Good luck in your remaining matches at the Open!

With tennis-related admiration,

Richard Factor

Follow-up 14 September 2009


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