06 April 2006
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I'm dying.  It should come as no surprise to you that you are as well.  With any luck, neither of us is dying right this instant, or from anything terribly nasty and prolonged.  While it is claimed that "death and taxes" are the only certainties, that's an exaggeration in two directions.  Taxes are by no means certain, and many other things are.  Nonetheless, today's blog concerns Death, which I capitalize because it makes it look more ominous.

It is only natural to wonder what will be the cause of your death.  The biggies are cancer and heart disease, but other causes abound.  And all but the most unlikely of them have charities, research organizations, and "causes" devoted to their prevention.  While one tends to think of these groups benignly, in fact they are all in deadly competition.  "If the hoods don't get you the monoxide will."  So the Clean Air folks aren't necessarily against crime - at least if you've been murdered it's not a strike against them.

If you agree with the assumption that you're going to die from something, then it stands to reason that all that these groups can accomplish is to try to make sure you die from something else.  Where's the fun in that?  Is making all causes of death equally likely all we can accomplish with our science and our fortune?  Sorry.  I'm not satisfied with that.  All in all, I think I'd prefer taxes.

Short blog, big subject.  I'll be back.

Richard Factor