07 April 2006
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Speaking of Death...

I'm sad to report the tragic death of the Sky Bar as I know it.  This chocolate-of-my-youth has become a casualty of (I'm guessing) manufacturing efficiency.  Behold the new Sky Bar!
The SKY BAR, wrapped Back when you could buy one for a nickel in a subway vending machine, the individual segments were lovingly filled with the appropriate confection.  Different flavors!  Different consistencies!
The SKY BAR, unwrapped Now it even looks more homogeneous.  The individual compartments have essentially identical consistencies and all taste the same.  The peanut butter lacks grit, the fudge lacks firmness, the vanilla is 100% flavor free, and the caramel?  Not even gooey!
The SKY BAR, back of wrapper I'm never going to buy another case of these, assuming I live long enough to finish the one I just got.  (Which I shall so attempt.  They're still chocolate, right?)

And not that everything was better back then but neither I nor anyone on earth cared that our Sky Bars were manufactured "IN A FACILITY THAT ALSO PROCESSES TREE NUTS."

Richard Factor