23 March 2010
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 Heard a Hern?  Seen a Heen?

The Heen.  This one, a later model, ended up in San Diego.

The Heen, ca. 1969

The Hern.  It made the Mad Organist jingles for WABC-AM

The Hern, ca. 1967

Which Came First, the Heen or the Hern

Truly I'm not sure.  I think it was the Hern, which had commercial potential.  Surely you remember the famous Electro-Logo company, which actually sold one, once.  For, of course a meager pittance.  This blogitem is what happens when I start reminiscing about WABC, as I did yesterday.  Dug up old photos, found an old air check, and whatever brain chemical starts forming when this happens began its inevitable circulation.

This is what the Hern sounds like.  Dan Ingram calls it "The Mad Organist" and hasn't named the Heen yet.  The whole aircheck is here, but it's kind of lengthy.

"The Edge of Time"
Growing Concern




WDHA is one of my local radio stations.  I think I got this shirt by stopping by one of their remote broadcasts on the way to work.  This blogitem about WDHA and cross-river rival WXPK is still largely valid.

WDHA 105.5 T-shirt
Richard Factor

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