19 August 2008
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PLUCOnic Advice and Missing Presence

The Soggy Bag Problem

I forget where I read this, but it's good advice and if I ever stayed at hotels, I'd certainly take it.  The advice:  Always have the hotel send leftover food to your room; never take it yourself.  That way, when you shake hands with admirers, you won't have a soggy bag with you.

The Side Dish Issue

When you leave a restaurant, always check your PLUCO for the presence of desired side dishes.  Twice now I have gotten home and found them missing.  In one case it was the julienne potatoes, in a recent second, it was the creamed spinach.  I was careful in each instance to place the leftsover on my plate, and yet they weren't present when the PLUCO was broached.  When I discovered the missing potatoes*, I immediately called the restaurant and protested the potato lack.  To their credit, they immediately arranged for a supplemental PLUCO with a full portion at no charge.  (I pass the restaurant on the way home from work, so I didn't assert any claims for delivery or transportation.)

When I noticed the missing spinach, I decided that I should have been more observant when dealing with a known miscreant and just let it go.  (Same restaurant, one year later.)

Not So CUIl

The new search engine CUIL isn't off to a great start.  Look up "Bananafy the Bun" and get nothing.  Look up "aleatory obnubilation" and get garbage.  For those of you who depend on this blog for search engine recommendations, I'm afraid it's still Google and its ilk.

We Don't Have Cream

This enigmatic "Correction and Amplification" was published in the 19 August 2008 Wall Street Journal.

Menactra, the vaccine against meningococcal meningitis doesn't contain live bacteria.  A Health Journal column on Aug. 5 said it didn't contain live virus.

*In a sense, I suppose, discovering missing potatoes is similar to the Journal's erratum, corrected immediately above.

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