21 August 2008
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A Whole Lot Of Synthin' Goin' On

Microsoft has this new service.  It's called Photosynth.  You upload a bunch of overlapped photos and it synthesizes them into a mosaic by matching pixels in different photos.  It should be very nice and I couldn't resist trying it out.

Microsoft Photosynth is overwhelmed.

Of course it's a new service

Did I mention - Microsoft Photosynth is overwhelmed?

But at least it let me try...

.In fact, Microsoft Photosynth is just plain gone.


A Whole Lot Of Scannin' Goin' On

Another new toy:  The Fujitsu "Scansnap" S300.  I've been looking for a device to automatically scan all my QSL cards.  Ordinary flatbed scanners are "free" but putting the cards on, scanning, flipping them, scanning, and cropping the images is tedious and impractical.  What I was told I need was a "sheet fed" scanner, and found two that were apparently good, but were much too expensive - in the kilobuck range.  A few days ago I saw an ad for the Fujitsu unit and it seemed perfect.  It has an automatic document feeder, will handle card stock, does a duplex scan automatically, and goes through about ten cards per minute.  I've already scanned about 50 cards in less than an hour and tried entering a few in my radio log.  So far so good.  For $240 it's in the RIKLReviewTM queue.

But So Far No Synth

I decided to wait 'til midnight before I "published" this blogitem to see if I could provide a demo "synth" instead of the cutesy error messages.  Maybe tomorrow.

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