03 January 2018
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It's Only Cannibalism, You Silly State

The World's Best License Plate

The Virginia plate EAT THE wouldn't be the world's best were it not for some sloganeering by the state. I saw this on the internet back it 2009 and eventually stopped laughing, at which time I posted it on this blog. In case your link-clicking appendage is inoperative today, I reproduce it below:

Although I didn't know or relate the story at the time, the plate was revoked by the Virginia DMV due to complaints from forces for good in the community. Apparently they misconstrued it to be about oral sex instead of simply cannibalism, which I'm sure would have passed muster.

Why revisit this today?

I Have a Silly Hobby

While I'm on my almost daily galumphs through town, I keep an eye out for vanity license plates, and photograph them when able. I guess I appreciate clever no matter what the source, and some of them are quite good. I have plenty of other silly hobbies, too, but this is the one that caused me to photographically capture the license plate below. It almost surely belongs to an attorney who specializes in youth and family law.

It wouldn't have intrigued my twisted mind if only Arizona permitted an additional character space between what the owner undoubtedly intended to be two words.

Are My Standards Slipping?

Can you believe I wrote the term "oral sex" in this generally family-friendly blog? And in the preceding blog used the term "spider poop"? (To be sure, the latter was a direct quote.) I'm taking my cue from the staid Wall Street Journal, which seems to have started using such terms with abandon, in addition to adding this past year the "s-word" to their lexicon, occasionally without quotes.

Of course, an equally valid answer to the rhetorical question of this item heading would be "What standards"?

"A Time for Everything"
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Dr. GUI software developer T-shirt. I think it may have something to do with the Dr. Dobbs magazine.

Or not. I sure have a lot of old, unremembered T-shirts.


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