15 May 2009
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Children and Plastic Bags

I don't normally have anything to say about children.  Today is only very slightly different.

A License Plate to Get Between

Virginia "Kids First" vanity license plate.  "EAT THE" kids first. Spotted on the Prius Chat group.  Now there's an environmentalist!

Seen at a local mall outside a children's play area:

"Unattended children will receive an espresso and a puppy."

Plastic Bag Waste and "No Impact Man"

Correspondent Gloria, the very same Gloria who who was waved at by the pope, alerted me to a demonstration in New York City Sunday, which is described on Rik Panganiban's Blog:

My buddy Rafi is helping organize a "NYC Bag Protest" -- a super cool public action in New York this Sunday to get rid of plastic bag waste.  The all-day event combines inspiring talks by Reverend Billy* and No Impact Man, a scary attack by the Plastic Bag Monster, fun creation of reusable fabric bags, and other neat stuff.  I love how the sponsoring group, the Interdependence Project, combines meditation and civic action.

Just yesterday I certified myself as a "crusty cynic."  When Gloria mentioned "No Impact Man" I confess that my reply was less than entirely serious:  "I wonder if I know 'No Impact Man.'  In fact, I wonder if, philosophically, he's 'knowable.'"  But, odd questions of philosophy aside, I do have a minor issue with plastic bag waste.  Every day my Wall Street Journal is delivered in a plastic bag, or even two bags if it's raining.  I've never been requested to save and return them, or to build a little newspaper shelter that could supplant the margins of my driveway as the delivery area.  I'm sure many thousands of plastics have died for my reading pleasure, and, although they're not listed as endangered or even threatened, I would happily take small steps to prevent this waste.  One step I shall not take, however, is the long step across the Hudson River from NJ to NY to attend the demonstration.  So, if you'd like to go, it's safe.

*I suppose if he has a lot of fans, they could form the Reverend Billy Club.  (I know:  That wasn't even worthy of an asterisk.)

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"Let's Get Together"
H.P. Lovecraft




I received this for a birthday present some years ago.  At the time I liked it.  But if I was aged to "perfection" then, what am I aged to now?  Yes, it was a rhetorical question.  No, please don't offer an opinion even if you have one.

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Richard Factor

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