17 March 2010
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 Back to the 50s

Invidious segregation!  White noodles to the right, colored noodles to the left.

I thought we as a Nation had resolved this issue long ago.  I'm disappointed, the noodles are apoplectic, and the Supreme Court will deliver justice as soon as the case winds its way up from the lower courts.  Possibly as soon as 2020.


Just a week ago, on logical yesterday, I disclosed a new project:  To sight all of the DXCC entities in my reading of the Wall Street Journal.  It took only a week to get past 100, exhausting the obvious ones like the USA, France, Germany, and, of course Greece.  A couple of rarities were spotted, such as Mayotte, about which you see very little in the Journal or anywhere else.  My project will increasingly rely on these rare sightings, but that's what makes it tedious.  I mean, "fun." 

Ham radio operators have "contests," and it is not unusual to "work" DXCC in a weekend, so doing so in a week in the Journal isn't a big deal.  It's the last 200+ that make it a challenge.

St. Patrick's Season

Once again I wore a T-shirt with at least some green, and marveled at the radio advertisements that exhorted me to drink their brew for the entire St. Patrick's Day "season."  If you are possessed of Irish genes or even spirit, have had a happy day.

Ron Lundy

One of my favorite life segments involved a stint at WABC-AM.  During that time it was my privilege to work with some of the best DJs in the radio industry.  I just heard that one of them, Ron Lundy, died a few days ago.  I was a kid then; the jocks were a lot (at least to a kid's eye) older.  Although I'm no longer in touch with even the live ones, I think now would be a good time to issue a reminder of how much I hate the System.

"Down to the Wire"
Buffalo Springfield


VK0IR - Heard Island DXPedition of 1997 T-shirt, front


This one popped up today by lucky coincidence.

Heard Island is "rare DX."  It's really hard to get permission to play radio from there, or even to go to the island.  Some guys did it in 1997, and I "helped make it happen" by buying the shirt.

VK0IR - Heard Island DXPedition of 1997 T-shirt, rear
Richard Factor

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